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Welcome to southern Arizona in the summer. Is it hot enough for you yet? Well … just wait, cause it’s gonna get hotter.

It seems in my ministry for the Lord I have spent more time on one area of ministry than any other – music. Now initially, that was quite enjoyable as I sang in a choir and for 15 years in a southern gospel quartet. At that time, music was an integral part of my walk as I had an opportunity to participate in State Conventions, revivals, and other music-oriented events. But as a teacher/preacher, I have found that the area of music has presented itself as quite a challenge. A challenge that continues to this day. And I tell you all that, so that I can tell you this.

We are again making a change in our music program. Janie Howard has stepped up to help us as we continue down this road in search of what the Lord has for us in music. She is a consummate professional but will still need your support and prayers as she is faced with learning several new music systems. I’m sure we’ll get it all worked out.

When we brought Deborah on board, I stated that I felt it was a God initiated action. I still feel that way to this day. Although it was not a good fit and there was discomfort on both sides, I still feel as if the Lord spoke to us in the brief time she was here. I never second guess God; all things are for His reason. No one ever said that ministry would be easy.

Well – onward we go! How about the 27 confessions of faith at VBS? How about the series of baptisms we have had? And how about the deepening relations with the Lord many have had in our numerous classes? How about the complete reworking of our children’s and youth ministries with all participants endorsing the changes? We have so much to smile about. Let’s reflect a positive image to all about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as we walk and work in Benson. God Bless and keep cool.

STEVEN MEDEIROS, Teacher/Preacher