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As the weather warms up things start to slow down here at New Life. AWANA is winding down. Most of the winter folks are on their way back to their summer homes. And I’ve heard the meteorologists say it’s gonna be a hot summer. Well… I could forecast that!

Since I last wrote to you, we have gotten our music program off the ground. Still some fine tuning going on, that we’ve turned a corner. The team members seem to really enjoy the new format and the general consensus has been that there is a lot more vitality in our worship. We will never have perfect worship here on Earth; that will only happen in Heaven, but we can definitely put all our heart and soul into it. Pray for Deborah and Mike and all others involved as we go down this pathway.

Thanks to all for your help and attendance at the Dessert Auction. Once again it was successful and raised extra money for our very worthy missions programs. Our new puppet ministry is being very fruitful in bringing new ones to the Lord and soon they will take their show on the road. I thought there was a very sweet spirit evident at our Resurrection Fellowships. Thanks to all that made the Sonrise Fellowship and Brunch a success.

On June 9 Steve Weatherford will be coming through to bring us a night of music. C’mon out and enjoy Steve and his family as they witness for the Lord by their music. I’m sure other things will come up. Just check out the website and open the Events tab.

We are living in very turbulent times today. It seems as if almost every day there is something else going on that falls in line with end times prophecy. I have no idea when Jesus will return; but I know its closer today than it was yesterday. Let’s not be trapped in majoring on the minor things that swirl around us each day and major on the purpose of the church, to bring the lost to Jesus Christ. Remember to pray for Jerusalem.

STEVEN MEDEIROS Teacher/Preacher