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 Well, all is well at New Life. We are finally getting some warmer weather and I am always thankful for that. The only part I don’t like about the Spring is the departure of our winter visitors. I think I am going to start referring to them as our winter “members” because that is more accurate of who they are. Our attendance numbers have been up this winter and the expansion of the sanctuary has been well utilized. Still, even with more people attending, our giving is down some, but so is our spending. God has always provided for our ministry at New Life, and I firmly believe He will continue to do so. We recognize the difficulties of the times we live in, and God will provide as He deems appropriate.

Satan never ceases to amaze me in the obviousness of his attacks. Ever since we made a corporate, spiritually led decision to begin an outreach to the local Mormon community, we have been under attack. These attacks have taken on several different modes, but still are all initiated by the evil one. I have always believed that the most important thing about these types of things is the recognition of where they come from and God’s desired results as they play out. Like any trial or tribulation God desires to draw us closer to Him. Our defense is His armor and expanding our prayers in their intensity and frequency. I would just ask you to pray for your church. We know the victory is won. The seminars presented by the Keatings of Concerned were very informative and well attended. Thank you for caring about this cutting-edge ministry.

Another AWANA year is almost over, and we have again been blessed with a large group of children and workers. The legitimacy of this ministry can be seen in the recent calling of one of our kids to be a child of God. What a blessing for all involved and for the entire body of New Life. We must never cease to reach out to the children in our community. So many are hurting and in need of the true source of love, Jesus Christ.

With the end of AWANA comes another all-important child-oriented program, VBS. Starting 31 May we will have a boatload of children on campus that will need teachers and workers to care for them. Please consider how you might help with this community wide outreach. It seems it is as if there is always something going on at New Life. And there is, a display of our fruit for all to see. Thank you for your faithfulness and love of Christ. May the Lord richly bless you.

STEVEN MEDEIROS, Teacher/Preacher