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Is it hot enough for you out there? I know it is but aren’t those early mornings nice? Great time to golf-before your club’s melt. Stay cool and stay hydrated.

Well, the sanctuary expansion is finally in its final days. Of course we still have to move the AV desk into its new area. We can then patch and replace the carpet in room #2 as well as the youth room. During this process we will replace our old sanctuary projection system with new TVs and put two smaller TVs in the expansion area. I want to thank everyone for their patience during this process. We will need help to get this work done, so see Brother Mike Cox or John Morton to volunteer.

We would like to add a swing set to our children’s play area. Additionally we are trying to figure out a way to provide some shade for the little ones. If you have any ideas, please let me know. As I write to you now, VBS is taking place and has been a resounding success again. It has been quite a while since the sounds of a bunch of children have been heard in the building, and it is really a blessing. I want to thank all the workers for their commitment to these young hearts. Never underestimate the power of the gospel; we pray for lives transformed via God’s Holy Spirit convicting power.

Now we come to our next great child outreach, as we will restart our AWANA program in August. Can you help us place the Word of God in young ones’ hearts? Let’s get behind this great program. Volunteer now.

Our attendance always falls in the summer, and it has been that way this year too. Still, we remain a strong and dedicated congregation, following the Lord’s will for our lives. I often pray that we will be as faithful as He is; that is my prayer now. Seek His will and allow Him to work through you. Make your faith a verb and get to work for Jesus. Thank you and God bless.   

 STEVEN MEDEIROS, Teacher/Preacher