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 It’s that time again, yepper another newsletter. This one comes as we close another year here at New Life. Hmm. So how’s it been? Well overall pretty good. We’ve had lots of stuff going on. And the stuff seems to have been successful. We’ve been able to pay all our bills and have money left over to start next year with. Good thing there too. We’ve maintained a sweetness in the Fellowship that attracts people to us and Jesus Christ. Very important for sure. We’ve weathered another tough year of illness and kept on ticking. A very good thing. But…

What about all those people we invited to church? Oh no, we forgot. And the folks that used to come and haven’t in a while. Oh I’m sure the office we get ahold of them. And where’s that widow been that always needed a little help in the winter getting things done? Wonder how she’s doing? And what about all those people that we led to the Lord? Hmm. Guess I didn’t get a chance to talk to ‘em like I wanted to.

The biggest hinderance to the advancement of God’s Kingdom is us. We’re just too…busy, timid, overwhelmed, etc., etc., etc. Well, it’s a New Year – wonder what I might be able to do for my Saviour this new year. Well...?

God bless and may He find us faithful as He is always faithful.

STEVEN MEDEIROS, Teacher/Preacher