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Hope you are doing well as we have entered into another year of dividing God’s Word, word by word, verse by verse. The other day I mentioned that I had been teaching the Gospel of John for a long time. Well… it has been a long time! Since the 16th of November of 2016. Wow – long time! This Sunday (as this is being written) is lesson #216. That equates to approximately 410,400 words. And do you know what? I cannot think of a better way to spend my time. The lessons we are currently engaged in are just so rich. On Wednesday evening, the end-times prophecy of Daniel in chapter 11. Sunday evenings it is 1 Peter 2, and the Lord’s “calling” on our lives. And the aforementioned study of John has us in the presence of Jesus as He speaks to His disciples on the night before His crucifixion. Join us here or online and let His Word fill you up.

Sunday, the 13th, was our largest attended regular service ever. The expansion of the sanctuary has been well worth the money spent. Many families seem to be comfortable with the round table seating in the back. May the Lord continue to bless our fellowship time together.

So, are you ready? I mean really ready! We are in the starting blocks for our outreach to the Mormon communities around us. We will have a kick-off fellowship on the morning of the 13th of March, as John Conser will tell us the origin of this ministry. Additionally, Marsha Robertson and Becky Jackson will tell of their time in Mormonism. The next evening, Monday the 14th, we will have guests from Concerned Christians coming down from Mesa to help us in this all-important outreach. Concerned Christians desires to declare freedom by sharing the news of not conforming to the world anymore-to declare freedom in Jesus Christ to those enslaved by Mormonism and to equip other Christians in churches to do the same. They want to transform lives by providing a safe haven for ex-Mormons to renew their minds with the Bible and be transformed in the process alongside other believers that may or may not have an LDS background. By gathering at events and networking with area churches, they hope to provide a spiritual family for those who have been ostracized by their biological families after leaving the LDS community. Let’s step up and get behind this ministry of immense importance. We all know that there are many people all around us that are in pain. And we know the answer to that pain. Our Living Saviour, Jesus Christ. What a great light we can be if we will allow Him to shine through us.

If you read this in time, remember the Dessert Auction the evening of the 4th. If you didn’t, I hope you came and had an enjoyable time.  God bless.

STEVEN MEDEIROS Teacher/Preacher