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 Last time I wrote you I mentioned how cold it was outside in jest. This time I’m not jesting; it’s cold outside. It’s so cold…never mind. But I have great news – we are officially out of the boiler business. Yes, all our new units have been installed throughout the entire church and they are nice. How nice are they? They are so nice that if they are set on auto, they will either heat or cool to that temperature without having to change the unit’s function. So keep an eye out and if you see anyone messing with the controls report them to the church heating and air conditioning committee [CHACC]. LOL.

With the finish of these new units, we feel as if we are done with our major renovation projects. That means we can relax and start setting aside more monies for our future. Does that mean that we won’t do anything extra? No, you know us better than that. We already have several projects planned. Things like a swing set and a new floor surface for the patio. First and foremost though, we will install a lighting system for the west parking lot. Again the Elders want to thank you for your consistent giving. In many ways our facility has been given a “new life”. This again is a great reflection of our pride in our Father.

As I sit in my office, it’s AWANA Store night. What a blessing. So many kids and so much happiness. This ministry is at the cutting edge of our Father’s Kingdom. I’m so proud to be at a church that has children on its heart. Our “Faith and Family” night with the Tucson Roadrunners was a resounding success. Well over 80 attended and a great time was had by all. Check out our website, for some great pictures of the event. Another big event was our 10th anniversary and pastor appreciation BBQ. Lots of folks and karaoke. The food was great, and a good time was had by all. Standby for more events such as our biannual Missions’ Dessert auction.

The General Council of Elders has just approved an outreach program to Mormons in our community that will be led by Brother John Conser. The Lord has laid this ministry on John’s heart, and he has responded in faith. What this ministry will look like we are not yet sure of. But we know it’s time to get prayed up and seek our Father’s will in this regard. Lift up this ministry, Brother John, and those stuck in Mormonism as we further God’s kingdom.

I want to thank you for allowing me to be your teacher/preacher. Teaching has given me the opportunity to grow so much. And as you know, I believe that as we grow in our knowledge of the Lord, our love grows proportionately. As we approach a new year, let’s double down on growing closer to our Lord and Saviour. The times are dark, our lights must shine brighter.

God bless, see you soon at New Life.   

STEVEN MEDEIROS, Teacher/Preacher