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 A couple of months ago we began to sing the song, “It’s Beginning to Rain”. Well, not long after that it began to rain, and rain, and rain. And it has continued to rain. The river has been running and there have been several times when Pomerene Road has looked like the mighty Mississippi River. But hey; it’s a blessing for our community and since God is in charge of the climate, I guess He wanted to bless us with some H2O. Thank you Lord.

It seems as if I have written in the past several newsletters that the sanctuary expansion is almost over. Well I’m again happy to announce that the sanctuary expansion is almost over. As I write this, our two new TV monitors are in the sanctuary, although they are not yet in place. They are heavy; we hope to have them up on their mounts tomorrow.   

 The AV section has been moved into its new location with a minimum of service interruptions. Good job all! Carpet installation is scheduled for Monday in sanctuary, room #2, and the Youth Room. 

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room – AWANA. Yep, its time… on the 25th we will start another year of ministry to children in our community. Please pray for the kids, their families, and our workers. We’re not sure how many will turn out this year, what with all the issues around us. But we plan to be ready for a good crowd, so pray that God will be glorified.

We’ve had a good summer so far. Attendance has remained strong, and God’s people have given to His ministries. We are so fortunate to have such a mature, dedicated Body of Believers. The Elders feel blessed to provide you with a spiritual umbrella of protection and love. May we continue to grow in His Word as we seek His will.

STEVEN MEDEIROS,  Teacher/Preacher