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So, what is happening at New Life as we enter a most enjoyable time of the year here in southeast Arizona as the weather begins to warm up? We know it will soon be time for the air conditioning to be on and speaking of AC – our new cooling and heating units have been installed in classroom #2 and the Audio-Visual desk areas. Finally we can see our way to finishing the expansion project that has been on our minds for almost two years. The accordion door system has been installed and now we can get ready to move the AV desk into the renovated freezer box. All in all, it is looking rather good. Once the desk is moved, we can recarpet rooms 1, 2 and the AV area. Also, during this process we will upgrade our video system to provide a better learning environment for all.  

Now we are kind of faced with a dilemma here. How much do we do to continue to upgrade this facility, versus – do we hold back and save everything we can for a new sanctuary? There must be a medium there somewhere. If you have any input, please feel free to share with me or any of the other Elders as we prayerfully consider our future endeavors for the Lord.

It is with great joy that we can announce the restarting of our children’s programs. Both VBS and AWANA are in the planning stage. We have been speaking of our church as a place for kids for quite a while and now we will rejoin that mission. Of course this will take lots of workers, so join in and help reach the young for Christ.

Last time I wrote you I spoke of a sweet spirit in our fellowship. I believe that spirit has even reached new heights during the past weeks. Even though we have experienced loss; the passing of Jacquie Drake and the moving of Larry and Cathy Reiss, we have also experienced much gain. On Resurrection Sunday we baptized five, as the Lord moved on hearts to declare their obedience to Him. We have heard testimonies on the healing power of Jesus in lives and our Revival Prayer meeting persists, as a dedicated group continues to meet and pray for a movement of God in our nation, states, community, church, and hearts.

Remember to standfast, for we are “overcomers.”

STEVEN MEDEIROS, Teacher/Preacher