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Well, here we are again, waiting for the weather to warm up because we find 30 degrees at night to be oppressively cold as others suffer with negative degrees during the daytime. I knew there was a reason I wanted to live my senior years in Arizona, and this was one of the major ones. I intensely dislike being cold. We have entered into another calendar year and with that comes many new things going on at New Life. Our new playground has been completed and all that is left is for the new fencing to be placed around it. By the time you read this we should have completed the demolition of the back wall of the sanctuary and are now awaiting the new accordion door’s installation. We have also included the heating and cooling of this newly configured area in this project. Eventually we will install new heating and cooling in our entire facility and decommission our 1960’s era boiler system. We are still in the planning stages of moving the AV desk, as we are consulting with someone about an audio/visual system upgrade. After that we should move ahead on that project. With those things done I think we will be about at the end of what we can do in regard to expansion of our present facility. The Elders feel that if we grow enough to fill-up our expanded sanctuary then we will be at a time where will consider a new sanctuary building. Other projects that the elders have already approved include new carpeting in rooms 1 and 2, and to patch areas exposed by our present projects. We also want to resurface our patio area. There has been such a sweet spirit in our fellowship recently. Many have joined New Life and we have witnessed the baptismal waters being stirred; with, I believe, more to come. I want to thank you for your desire to grow in the Lord and thus bring Him great glory. Although many have been ill, we have seen many miraculous incidents of the healing hand of our Saviour. The world, as it grows ever darker, will need a Light so that it might find its way to our Saviour. May New Life Family Worship be such a place. Pray that God’s people will want to be revived. But for that to happen there must be confession and repentance of sin. Are we yet ready?  

STEVEN MEDEIROS, Teacher/Preacher